The Wood Guide

When it comes to purchasing handmade furniture, it’s understandable that you would want something that matches your style, while still providing the absolute best quality. The type of wood you choose for your furniture not only has a direct impact on the appearance of your wood products, but also their durability, finishing options, and cost. Here’s a brief look at some of the most popular types of wood we here, at American Baby Classics, use for our handmade furniture:

OAK: We primarily use red oak, which features small knots, color variations, and burls which add a unique character to each of our wood products. This durable wood’s great value makes it a popular choice. We also use quarter sawn oak, which exposes a different side of the grain for a beautiful look.

CHERRY: With its smooth grain and gorgeous pink heartwood, cherry is a popular, elegant choice. Available in 2 grades, the Select Grade Cherry is free from knots and pits, while our most popular grade is SAP CHERRY and RUSTIC CHERRY, which utilizes sap streaks and heavy knots for a unique rustic look that is also less expensive.

BROWN MAPLE:  Very light in color and has almost no grain, has a mixtures of light and dark, most popular with darker stains to cover the variation. Also the wood of choice for painting, because of it's smooth appearance and feel.