Check Out Our Convertible Changing Tables

Few wood furniture pieces are more valuable to new parents than a quality changing table! Of course, your little one won’t be needing diaper changes forever—so what will you do with that changing table once your baby has outgrown diapers? With our convertible handcrafted changing tables, you won’t need to worry about this furniture piece going to waste.

The concept behind our handcrafted changing tables is remarkably simple. These wood furniture pieces start out as a standard dresser or door chest, complete with spacious storage drawers and a smooth, flat top. On its own, this wouldn’t be adequate for your baby’s needs—after all, changing tables need to eliminate the risk of your baby rolling away and suffering a fall.

With these wood furniture pieces, we ensure your baby’s safety with an add-on wood barrier that goes around the top of the dresser. This small wall creates a safe location for a baby changing mat. The low barrier keeps the mat from sliding around on the dresser’s surface, helping the changing process go safely and smoothly.

This add-on feature perfectly matches the rest of the wood used in this wood furniture piece, blending seamlessly with your child’s nursery. And once your child has outgrown diapers, removing the small wooden barrier will leave you with a high-quality standard dresser—perfect for storing your growing child’s clothes and other possessions. You can’t go wrong with our versatile, handcrafted changing tables!